Website Design


Looking for a new responsive website but already have hosting arrangements in place? This package provides just that!



The website package includes:

  • A fully responsive design which looks great on all devices
  • Unlimited number of pages per design
  • Photo gallery
  • Contact forms
  • Social media integration
  • Eshop functionality
  • Content management system access and training to enable you to manage your own website
  • Open source software ensuring you are free to develop in the future
  • No tie-in’s or large contracts

Contact me today to discuss your requirements.

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2 thoughts on “Website Design

  1. I recently decided to update my website and predictably Googled for local web designers. I was offered lots of options, at a price, a huge price! After some further looking I found a truly local designer, Craig Nattress. From the outset Craig put me at my ease. Craig invented reassurance! He has been patient throughout a long process, length entirely my doing. He has kept in touch regularly without pursuing me for responses and has readily offered suggestions and guidance without any sense of pushiness. I am delighted with his work. I am not in the least ‘techy’ and even were it just in that respect, Craig has been a Godsend. His all round, all embracing service at very reasonable fees, is beyond excellent.

  2. Our group of churches recently decided to change our website platform from code to an easy to use editing platform (WordPress) to make it easier for us to change information as necessary. After walking me through the initial processes with our hosting service and assisting with the creation of a staging site, Craig was excellent at transferring all the information across to the new platform and creating a template which was appropriate for our purposes. He has been outstanding at walking me through the process of editing the site through WordPress and has walked me through issues with our hosting service.

    A lot of the work had to be done outside of normal working hours and as mentioned in other posts, I have been grateful for his flexibility and patience in completing the work. I am really pleased with the result.

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